Vol. 2
The Cosmos & our Psyche are One.
Know the Cycles & Take Right Action.
Dance with the Heavens, it's Divine.

February and March were challenging to say the least for some of us. The Saturn Neptune Opposition required a lot of patience while things seemed to be blocked or frustrated. I personally could not seem to complete my new website, business cards and brochures. My graphic artist was too busy, I could not find certain materials and information, I did not feel focused, I seemed overwhelmed and nothing seemed to get done. The phones stopped ringing and there was a silence and stillness. There seemed to be a vague, uneasy feeling. These planets were strongly placed in my chart to reflect those experiences. What to do? Go with the flow, meditate and contemplate. Do not blow up at others because the energy is blocked. Wait and trust there is divine timing at play. The heavens reflect it, we can pay attention. Things will move forward, see below.

Mercury retrograde, our opportunity to do things over! I walked out of the house on many occasions, forgot something and had to go back so many times I lost count. For the first time ever, I did not have my tax expense info tallied correctly for my accountant and had to do it over.

The Lunar Eclipse Opposite Uranus shook things up quite a bit as forecasted in my last newsletter, Vol. 1. There were sizable earthquakes in Japan and Sumatra within days of the eclipse. Because Uranus also represents unpredictable, unstable air, we had quite a few tornadoes on the Mainland. Uranus also represents electronics and I heard quite a few reports on computer crashes and power outages. Eclipses tend to express up to a month before and after the occurrence. Events depend on how they touch your chart or the world chart. If you want to know see the information about personal consultations below.

Jupiter Trine Saturn Mar 16th got the phones ringing and lifted my spirits. On the national level, Congress is making progress in finding a solution to lay a foundation for the end of war in Iraq.

Solar Eclipse Square Pluto brought to light the alarming news that certain pet foods had caused the death of many beloved pets. In addition, sheep were cloned using about 15% of human genes. BEIJING, March 26 (Xinhuanet) -- Scientists have created the world's first human-sheep chimera -- which has the body of a sheep and half-human organs, according to news report Monday. The sheep have 15 percent human cells and 85 percent animal cells and their evolution brings the prospect of animal organs being transplanted into humans one step closer. There was an 8. Earthquake and tsunami in the Solomon islands within 24 hours of Pluto's opposition.that resulted in many deaths. It is not unusual for this to happen with an eclipse with Pluto. This theme of death and rebirth was forecasted in our last newsletter.


April 5 Jupiter Goes Retrograde

Since Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius where it is strengthened, prepare to wax philosophical and speak your reality. Be aware to be kind while revealing truths to others and yourself and try not to overdo. We may hear some withheld or inflated information nationally or internationally. If there are fires or tempers, they could burn big.
19°46' Sagittarius, Stations (appears to stop) & goes retrograde (appears to go backward) at 3:24 PM HST.

April 19 Saturn Goes Direct

If you have noticed the frustrating fact that business and other projects have not come to fruition and manifestation in the last several months, this direct motion may assist, if it is not inhibited by other factors in your chart. Some progress is in order, may your business lines light up and contracts finalize.
18°09' Leo Stations at 11:26 AM HST and goes forward.


May 5 Jupiter Trines Saturn

In position for their second trine, many are praying for the success of a plan for our government to withdraw troops and create a peaceful opportunity. The truth has already been revealed that the war is not going well. Your business and relationships could reflect stability, prosperity and optimism. Check with me to see if the chart of your business is touched by this alignment.
Jupiter 18°24' Sagittarius Trines Saturn 19°24’ Leo at 9:13 PM HST.

May 10 Jupiter Squares Uranus

The first half of May can be exciting and unpredictable in a big way and gives us a chance to utilize instability and upheaval for positive and beneficial outcomes. We can make truth and unconditional love prevail if we focus on that result.
Jupiter 17°54' Sagittarius Squares Uranus 17°54' Pisces at 5:45 PM HST.

May 24 Neptune Stations

This can be a marker of changing states of consciousness from the fog of confusion to highly inspirational times depending on how it touches our personal or governments’ charts. There can be the announcement of a new saint or religious scandals. There can be problems with oceans, streams, fogs, liquids, gas, anesthesia and drugs or awareness of the need to work with our unconscious patterns, dreams and hypnosis.
Neptune 22°02' Aquarius Stations & goes retrograde at 3:10 PM HST.

May 31 Blue Moon

A blue moon is used to describe a rare event that occurs because of the discrepancies between the solar and lunar calendar cycles. Each calendar year contains 12 full lunar cycles, plus about 11 days to spare. The extra days accumulate, so that while most years contain 12 full moons to match the 12 months, every 2 or 3 years there is a year with 13 full moons. On average, this happens once every 2.72 years. This blue moon can be a time of expansion, growth and abundance or pride, arrogance and aggrandizement; depending on how your chart is impacted.
10°12' Sagittarius Trines Mars 11°37' Aires at 3:04 PM HST.


June 15 Mercury Retrograde

This is the time to finish projects, complete paperwork and see that your communications and feelings are in order, especially about home, security and family. It is not a good time to initiate new things. If you insist, you will more than likely have to do it all over again. File all papers, launch new activities and entities at another time that is in the flow. Mercury goes direct on July 9th.
Mercury 11°33' Cancer Stations & goes retrograde at 1:40 PM HST.

June 23 Uranus Goes Retrograde

This planet is usually associated with change, freedom and reform or rebellion, revolution and the unanticipated break up of old structures. Remember the tornado's from the Uranus opposite the Lunar eclipse of March. Uranus is an air sign and represents how wind is expressed, and it is in Pisces which is water, look for both elements to express.
Uranus 18°41' Pisces Stations & goes retrograde at 4:43 AM HST.

June 25 Saturn & Neptune in Opposition

This is the final Saturn-Neptune opposition this year. In mid-July, some of us get to feel the confusion and overwhelm lifting and that sense of insecurity and anxiety lessening after this last opposition. We may finally get to go forward with projects that have appeared to have been blocked or frustrated.
Saturn 21°47' Leo & Neptune 21°47' Aquarius, in Opposition at 5:57 AM HST.


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